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Worldwide Delicacies explores the finest foods on earth.

Melina’s Original Greek Oils and Vinegars

Elegant flavors from the heart of the Mediterranean. Melina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from old orchards in the Kalamata region of Greece.  A single varietal of the Koroneiki olive that has been grown in Greece for over 3,000 years, it’s known for a full bodied, complex taste and its high concentration of healthy polyphenols. [...]

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ITG Sampler With 1-4 oz box and cakes Reduced (330x314) (320x304) (300x285)  

Sweet, Buttery Gourmet Rum Cakes

Island Treasures Gourmet Classics:  Sweet, buttery Gourmet Rum Cakes in six flavors.  Perfect for gift giving, sharing and self-indulgence, they come in 2 lb and 4 oz sizes.  Superbly packaged for freshness and protection during shipping, they also come in beautiful, tropical boxes. We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients we use to provide [...]

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Coop's Hot Fudge  

MicroCreamery Hot Fudge From the Inside Out

Guess I’ll just stick my finger in the jar, manners to the wind. I’ve found a fudge whose consistency is as perfect as its flavor. Warm your dollop of Coop’s MicroCreamery hot fudge if you like drips but claim room temperature servings for consistency that holds together for dipping anything with a little substance. Apple [...]

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Vino Cotto  

Vino Cotto

Most sauces are too sweet like barbecue, or too salty like soy, or too vinegary, like mustard.Vino Cotto is a heavenly concoction that awakens steak, enlivens chicken, and even makes steamed veggies more exciting. The consistency is perfect, syrupy, yet not too thick.  The flavor is sweet smoky piquant,  reminding me of homemade sauces created by [...]

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Mrs. Bridges Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky

The Mrs Bridges’ collection best seller!  Made with traditional methods using no artificial flavor or preservatives. For a real taste of nostalgia, old fashioned sweet buttered ginger marmalade.  The perfect gifting preserve. 340g | £2.80 Review #001 Mrs. Bridges Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky is a sweet and spicy palate-tickler. Open the jar and breathe deeply for a heady [...]

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Vickers Brothers South Carolina Backwoods Recipe

Family members with a time-honored family recipe, combined with modern and innovative distilling techniques combine to produce an award-winning whiskey, aged for just two years. “The Recipe’s” velvety-smooth mouth feel is the first clue that something remarkable has happened within a short maturation period. The effect of added honey, a unique filtration system, and a dual-barrel aging process not only contributes to smoothness, but also to much lower acidity. The whiskey’s distinctive, fresh oaky nose is due to the use of charred white oak barrels and chips. This backwoods recipe took a Silver Medal at the 2011 New York International Spirits Competition. It is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume, or 90 proof.

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The NEAT™ Glass

The NEAT™ Glass – Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology is how this unique and incredibly effective whiskey glass got its name. Rather than starting with aesthetics, the designers started by addressing how alcoholic spirits waft up from traditional glassware shapes. These shapes direct all the alcohol, including ethanol, toward the nose, letting the true aromas of fine spirits shine through…

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“SOME-LIKE-IT-HOTT!” is a new company located North West of Seattle in Port Townsend, Washington. Our pepper products were inspired by my Transylvanian heritage and a love for the regional cuisine which features paprika (a common spice made from dried red peppers), the predominate spice of the region. While many are familiar with the sweet paprika varieties commonly exported throughout the world, we process hot chili varieties for the discriminating palate. The traditional preservation process of drying and grinding into powder, preserves our product for your table.

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Thornton Sparkling Wines

Thornton Wine 2004 Brut Reserve – The traditional French method in producing a fine sparkling wine, the Méthode Champenoise process, is used exclusively in producing the Brut Reserve. The finest cuvées are selected to assemble this wine, each with its own signature character and varietal statement. The idea behind “Reserve” wines is to create the best, to be the best. The Brut Reserve is aged to meld the dynamic fruit and yeast character to perfection. Rich fruit and subtle yeast spring forth in the aromas, while the flavors are crisp and up front. This is truly a wine to enjoy at any time. Wine Pairing Suggestions: Poached fish in a light sauce, poached chicken in citrus juice, steamed lobster in butter. ($38)

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Elegant Addictions | Premium Coffee, Tea, and Drinkable Chocolate

Elegant Addictions: Not all addictions are dangerous, in fact, some, are actually good for you. The ultimate gift package contains:
100% Pure Kona Coffee from the Big Island, Hawaii | Darjeeling Black Tea — Organic free-trade from West Bengal, India | Fine Drinkable Chocolate made from premium Belgian and Swiss cocoa…

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