Hamachi – Yellowtail


Frozen Hamachi Loin
Sashimi grade Hamachi is one of the many fish that we are passionate about.  This velvety yet “clean” tasting fish is best served with just a simple searing.
Many chefs have taken to the trend of pairing it with a kick of spice- maybe a jalapeno here or a chili flake there.  No matter what recipe you follow or creative take you place, this fish always yields a moist fillet.
Like Kobe beef that is hand raised, hamachi are … [Full Article]

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon


Alaskan Sockeye Salmon-brought to you just as fresh as when it was caught, using DreamFreezetechnology.
We only carry salmon that is never treated with colorants or additives, just frozen quickly and thoroughly to capture all of its natural taste and texture.
Richly flavored and full of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, these Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon are the best of the sockeye salmons that can be found in the pristine rivers of Alaska.
Additionally these salmon are Marine Stewardship Council certified- meaning that they are sustainably certified.
Wild Alaskan … [Full Article]

Bluefin Otoro – Supreme Fatty Tuna


There is no other fish whose quality rivals this bluefin otoro. Whether you’re a Michelin starred chef or an aspiring home gourmand, our otoro will be the star attraction for any of your recipes. This is the best portion of the best fish in the sea.The best Bluefin Toro are caught in the winter when their fat content is highest and their flesh is softest. SuperFrozen processes allow us to offer you this rarity year round.When you’re looking for succulence, decadence and outstanding … [Full Article]

Remembering Old Traditions of Swiss Delicacies


As a child, I loved the Swiss dessert delicacy, from the tiny canton in Appenzell, we called the “biberli”. It was reserved as a reward for quality accomplishments and holiday celebrations in our home. The original recipe was an extremely delicate almond paste and honey, sandwiched between a richly perfumed cake, soft and dense like a rich and extraordinarily sweet ginger bread.
Words cannot express the distraught feelings of loss each holiday in recent years, as this delicacy became proselytized into … [Full Article]

Heilala Vanilla Syrup – Proud to be a 2014 sofi finalist


Heilala Vanilla Syrup … 100% Pure Vanilla pleasure
Organically grown in the Vava’u Islands in the Kingdom of Tonga, then hand-picked and dried under the Pacific sun, the Heilala Vanilla gourmet bourbon vanilla beans are the foundation for the sweet and delicate flavor of 100% Pure Heilala Vanilla Syrup.
No longer do you have to settle for vanilla syrups that are full of synthetic, imitation and chemical vanilla flavors.  100% pure Heilala Vanilla Syrup is ready to drizzle, dollop or drip … [Full Article]